The peculiarity of this garment is that it’s a transformable, reversible and a heirloom piece.

From 6 months old, it can be used as a functional overall with braces. Adjust the total length by cuffing the legs.

Up to 3 years old, it can be used as a comfortable pair of harem pants by removing the braces and adjusting the waist.

The loose fitting is perfect for playtime and to be worn over a long sleeve tee during colder days. Have fun layering it over other clothes and create different outfits!

Snap fasteners are placed on each braces for an quick change.

HEIRLOOM CLOTHING means durable and versatile. All the pieces of this clothing line have been designed to grow with the kids.

Each garment is unique and one of a kind. If handled with care they will last for a long long time!

ONE SIZE (from 6 month till 3 years old)

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