ADADORE is heartmade design.

A small artisan business based in Ghent (Belgium) that produces children clothing and accessories, home décor and toys.

One of a kind creations designed with upcycling philosophy, giving a brand-new purpose and a higher value to the products – handmade and also eco-friendly!

The same principles lead the design process of each product, which not only focuses on aesthetics, but also on minimizing the ecological impact during manufacture, defining an ethical approach that strongly differentiate it from the mass production system of the fashion industry.

All the materials are sourced from production leftovers, vintage stocks and natural fibers. The use of buckles, buttons and zippers is reduced to a minimum, to limit the environmental impact of the garments once they are disposed.

All the fabrics and materials are purchased and produced by local companies and within the European community.

ADADORE is sustainable.

The line HEIRLOOM CLOTHING by ADADORE is designed to last over time.
Transformable garments with a sustainable design, capable to adapt in size as the child grows, that can be worn not only for a few months, but for several years to come (also by brothers, sisters, cousins and friends).

All the garments of HEIRLOOM CLOTHING by ADADORE are reversible and unisex.
Highly versatile products, with the potential to unfold different styles in a single garment. HEIRLOOM CLOTHING by ADADORE does not follow any seasonal fashion trend and can be worn all year round.

There are no collections: all the garments are continuously available and adapt to the (climatic) season with the use of different fabrics and color palettes.

ADADORE is childhood memories.

The collection of accessories, home décor and toys by ADADORE are inspired by evocative elements of the Sicilian landscapes and folklore.

Each and every object is conceived as a relic to be safeguarded, part of a collection of memories meant to be shared.

Adorable gifts for yourself or to be donated to those who love to treasure memories.

ADADORE is Giulia Ada Amico.

Italian designer based in Gent, with Sicilian roots and Florentine formation.

Eclecticism, playfullness and enthusiasm are the main values that characterize both the brand and the designer.